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The Accidental Creative

How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice
by Todd Henry
Paperback, 229 pages
Published in 2013
Excellent condition
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"In some circles, the word 'creative' has recently morphed from adjective to noun. If you are one of the millions among us who make a living with your mind, you could be tagged a 'creative.'"
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Achieving Life Balance

Taking Action for a Better Life
by Sam R. Lloyd and Tina Berthelot
Paperback, 99 pages
Published in 2005
Excellent condition
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"What is the ideal life balance? Only you can answer this question because it is your values, goals, dreams, and desires that determine what will be most satisfactory for you. You will be happiest when you live your life in the manner that best meets your needs."
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Creating Your Skills Portfolio

Show Off Your Skills and Accomplishments
by Carrie Straub
Paperback, 71 pages
Published in 1997
Excellent condition
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"Photographers, artists, crafts people, graphic designers, interior decorators, models and actors have used portfolios to present their accomplishments for many years."
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Live Your Joy

by Bonnie St. John
Hard cover, 205 pages
Published in 2009
Excellent condition
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"When people meet me, they often ask, 'How can I have the kind of joy that you do? You were abused as a child; you went through numerous surgeries to have your leg amputated; you've been divorced; you're a single mom. Yet, you radiate joy... How is that possible?'"
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Success is a Choice

Ten Steps to Overachieving in Business and Life
by Rick Pitino with Bill Reynolds
Paperback, 275 pages
Published in 1998
Excellent condition
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"The Wildcats' 1997 season was, for me, the most rewarding of my years at Kentucky. It was a microcosm in a sense, of the last chapter in this book, 'Surviving Success.' Not only were we coming off the high of winning the national championship the year before, but we also had lost four key players to the NBA draft."
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They Don't Play My Music Anymore!

How To Plan Your Future When Your World Keeps Changing
by Thomas W. McKee
Paperback, 123 pages
Published in 1999
Excellent condition
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"When the Big Bopper was asked what the secret of his success was, he answered "Some cats got it, some cats don't." I was sixteen when I first heard the Big Bopper say those intriguing words."
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What Do They Say When You Leave the Room?

How to Increase Your Personal Effectiveness for Success at Work, at Home and in Your Life
by Brigid McGrath Massie, M.S.W., M.B.A., with John Waters
Paperback, 208 pages
Published in 1998
Excellent condition
Autograph: "To Susan, Best wishes today and always! Brigid McGrath Massie"
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"Whether you're working your way up the corporate ladder...a struggling entrepreneur...a happy homemaker...the president of your own company...looking for invisible middle manager...a harried working in-demand ambitious student...stuck in a dead-end job...or a successful salesperson, this book has something for you."
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Women in the Office

Transitions in a Global Economy
by Ann Eyerman
Paperback, 245 pages
Published in 2000
Excellent condition
View covers: Front | back
"Every day around the world, millions of women get up, pull on pantyhose, pack lunches, take kids to daycare and go to work as support staff in offices. They are some else's secretary, receptionist, teller, word processor, administrative assistant or perhaps 'just the temp.'"
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